Une Débutante Au Jeu (feat. Bridget Low)

from by Poplin

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Words and music by Yap Koi Yim © MAKEMERRYMUSIC Publishing

This EP's title track was born of a convoluted development of ideas. The first two verses were written almost eighteen months before the words for the rest of the song. The Cinderella motif proved to be the cornerstone, which lead to the concept of a Débutante ball, and finally the whole metaphor of a beginner's fumbling moves in the game of love. The switch to a 3rd-person speech in the chorus was meant as her inner demons voicing her insecurities. Beneath the seemingly mocking tone, the song is actually a tribute to the touching artlessness of a young woman in love for the first time. The idea to name the EP after this song became a no-brainer when it became obvious that the Débutante's story was already all over the four songs before the character was even conceived.


What if I stayed aloof,
bode my time, how would you
Take to my fumbling ruse?
Requite a furtive glance?

What if I made a move
At the stroke of twelve? what would you
Make of my orphaned shoe?
Come size me up undone?

Look at this ingenue [up for the crown...]
Just when she hears the cue she stumbles [ooh..]
She puts on a brave front
Pay her the homage due [applaud this clown...]
If she endears to you a little [ooh..]
Je suis une débutante au jeu

What if I played the field
To catch your eye, how would you
Take to my effort to
abet you to advance?

What if I flouted rules,
Spilled my guts, what would you
Make of this blunt prelude?
Take flight at your first chance?

She's staking her trousseau [right from the start..]
Before the game is through she buckles [ooh..]
On her sleeve wears her heart
And when she's dealt the deuce [the deuce of clubs...]
Turn back so she won't see you chuckle [ooh..]
Je suis une débutante au jeu

Une débutante au jeu never beguiles
She plays the only way she knows how


from Une Débutante Au Jeu, released January 20, 2010



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